In this database, each record is associated with a single concept. Tibetan is the source language and Spanish and Catalan are the target languages, since no bilingual dictionary covers these language combinations. Our work is prescriptive, and seeks to put forward a rationalised terminology for Tibetan Buddhism in Spanish and Catalan. It is also descriptive in that it indicates synonyms gathered from publications in Spanish and Catalan, as well as the most widely used terms in French and English, and the Sanskrit term when available.

An entry consists of:
the term(s) in Tibetan associated with a  specific concept – in the Tibetan alphabet and in Wylie transliteration – along with a simplified phonetic transcription and a lexical translation;
the term(s) in Spanish accompanied by a definition and optionally a note, and in some cases a definition in context along with its source, the hypernym, the hyponyms, the related terms, the translation technique that was applied, and a usage note;
the term(s) in Catalan, French, English and Sanskrit – in Romanised transliteration, accompanied by a lexical translation.

Entry structure (in PDF)