A 4 port PNA-X is more than just a vector network analyzer. It is the world’s most integrated and flexible microwave test engine for measuring RF and Microwave devices.

Available for mesure Filters and Multiplexers, Amplifiers, Mixers, Frequency converters, and other active devices.

The hardware includes two internal signal sources, a signal combiner, S-parameter receivers and a flexible set of switches and RF access points. These hardware features provide a powerful core for a broad range of linear and nonlinear measurements, all with a single set of connections to your device under test.

Agilent PNA-X 4-Port Network Analyzer up to 26.5 GHz (N5242A)

PNA-X 2 port Extender to W-Band 75-110 GHz.

Options: True-Mode Stimulus App./ Time-domain …

GSG/GS On wafer probe station CASCADE MICROTECH M-150

CW- synthesizer up to 20 GHz 

Vector Signal Generator up to 3 GHz. Modulation capability (E4438C)

Vector Signal Generation, Based on SDR.

RF Agile Transceiver, (SDR) AD9361 x2

Spectrum Analyzer up to 26.5 GHz- Extended W-Band (E4407B)

Power meter up to 24 GHz (U2002H)

Noise figure meter up to 26 GHz

Oscilloscope MXO up to 2.5 GHz (MSOS254A)