New Horizon Europe Grant,

WavesLaB awarded with ERC-2023-POC partnering with ICMAB (Project Coordinator) Piezomagnetic ferrites for self-biased non-reciprocal millimeter wave devices The relentless demand to increase data rates, data traffic and connected devices in our mobile communications have prompted a paradigm shift in wireless technology. 5G and the forthcoming 6G will use mm-waves and miniaturized antenna systems that will […]

IUS 2023

We will be at 2023 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium , it will be the 61st edition of this conference and will be held on September 3-8, 2023  in Montreal, Canada.

Waves and Systems

The Mobile Broadband data service has been under a fast growing cycle during the last years fueled by ubiquity. However, the most important point is that this unsparing traffic growth demonstrates the importance of wireless internet access to individual citizens, societies and economies, while simultaneously presenting a huge challenge to industry. In response to this traffic […]