We think that training is a basic tool for the professional development of workers, and for the innovation capacity of organizations. To evaluate training is crucial, in order to guarantee its quality and to improve its effectiveness in terms of changes in the professional action (transfer). However, to asses transfer imply difficulties and costs, that often make it unsostainable.

For this reason, from EFI group we work on an indirect approach on transfer evaluation; that is,assessing the factors that impact transfer from three dimensions: personal, work environment, and training. We created the FET model, of Factors to Evaluate Transfer indirectly, which was validated at national level; and we want to keep on, by elaborating versatile tools in order to asses changes in the professional performance, as a result of traning.

We are also interested in Vocational and Education and Training, and particulary the dual model for VET curriculum, as a pivotal opportunity which allows students to connect initial training with the work reality and to develop new competences. After our project FCT on Plus,we perceive the key rol of the company tutor for the students’ learning and transfer. Result of these findings, we are currently working to maximize high-quality dual training, in companies and in VET centres, in order to support youth competences and employability.

On the other hand, we have recently started working in new research fields, such as graduates’ employability, youth empowerment, informal learning and evaluation of eLearning.

All these research lines are developed thanks to own group projects, dissertations of its members, competitive research projects and projects financed by private funds. In our research page you can get more information about the realized projects.