The publication with the results of a comparative and multidisciplinar research regarding the integration of second generations in USA and six European Union countries is now available. Silvia Carrasco, Jordi Pàmies and Maribel Ponferrada (EMIGRA UAB), teaming with Margaret Gibson and Anna Rios (University of California, Santa Cruz) expose extensively their comparative research on Catalonia – California. You can purchase the book by clicking at the image


Lost in Action? Evaluating the 6 years of the Comprehensive Plan for the Gitano Population in Catalonia

Report elaborated by FAGiC and EMIGRA, 2012.

Project financed by the Roma Initiatives of the Open Society Foundations, under the EU Roma Framework Advocacy Grant


Download the English version of the report

Download the Spanish version of the report 

Download the Catalan version of the report



“Lost in Action?, rich in analytical detail and constructive in its criticisms, is especially welcome and very timely within the wider context of the EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies (NRIS). While the detailed recommendations are directed towards the Catalan authorities, the substance of the report provides a valuable lesson for Europe.

[…] As the EU Framework strategies stumble from the initial drafting phase to the real world of concrete implementation, there is much that the European Union and its constituent democracies can learn from the findings of this research.

[…] while there is disenchantment on the ground, and much may have been ‘lost in action’, the striking message from this report is a clear optimistic and definite affirmation that all is definitely not lost, and there is much potential for a revised PIPG to realize the original objective to “give the Gitano population socio-cultural and economic parity with the mainstream society.”

Quoted from the prologue by BERNARD RORKE, Open Society Roma Initiatives