MENTIS: Promoting Mental health through the ENTourage in high-performance Sport (MENTIS; 2022-2023)
DISTOKYO2020: Athletes’ and sport entourage’s longitudinal experiences on the disruption of the Olympic cycle Tokyo 2020 (CNNT; 2021-2022)
DC4MH: Dual Careers for Mental Health (DC4MH; 2021-2022)
RED REFERENTE: Red española para la promoción de la carrera profesional de árbitras, juezas y entrenadoras (REFERENTE; 2021)
HEDUCA: Promoción de Carreras Duales Saludables en el Deporte (#HeDuCa; 2019-2022)
ECO-DC: Ecology of Dual Careers – Exploring Dual Career Development Environments across Europe (ECO-DC; 2018-2019)
IMPACT: Identifying and Motivating youth who mostly need Physical Activity (IMPACT; 2017-2019)
B-WISER: Be A Winner In Elite Sport and Employment Before and After Athletic Retirement (B-WISER; 2017-2018)
ACTIVATICS: Promoción de actividad física con el apoyo de dispositivos móviles (ACTIVATICS; 2014-2017)
PAPA PROJECT: Promoting Adolescent health through an intervention aimed at improving the quality of their participation in Physical Activity (PAPA; 2010-2014)