On the universal constraints for relaxation rates for quantum dynamical semigroups

Seminar author:Dariusz Chruscinski

Event date and time:2023-02-06 09:00

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A general property of relaxation rates in open quantum systems is discussed. I propose a constraint for relaxation rates that universally holds in fairly large classes of quantum dynamics, e.g., weak coupling regimes, as well as for entropy nondecreasing evolutions. It is conjectured that this constraint is universal, i.e., it is valid for all quantum dynamical semigroups. The conjecture is supported by numerical analysis.  This universality marks an essential step toward the physical characterization of complete positivity as the constraint is directly verifiable in experiments. It provides, therefore, a physical manifestation of complete positivity. Proposed conjecture has also interesting implications: it provides (i) a universal constraint for the spectra of quantum channels and (ii) a necessary condition to decide whether a given channel is consistent with Markovian evolution.