• Luis Felipe Díaz Heredia: Simulating arbitrary quantum measurements with simpler ones. Supervisors: G. Sentís and M. Skotiniotis.

  • Pau Sànchez PascualEntropies in multipartite settings and their universal constraints. Supervisor: A. Winter.

  • Mercedes Garcia VillaescusaQuantum Identity testing, Supervisors: M. Fanizza and J. Calsamiglia

  • Ricard Puig i Valls Sequential quantum estimation of pararmeters, Supervisors:  J. Calsamiglia

  • Ion Martí i Merino, Discriminiation of quantum channels by multiple uses, Supervisors:  J. Calsamiglia


  • Pablo Torron Perez: Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics of coupled heat baths. Supervisor: Ph. Strasberg.

  • Pere Munar Vallespir: Ultimate bounds for Sequential Quantum Hypothesis Testing. Supervisor: J. Calsamiglia.

  • Antoni Alou Román: Optimal discrimination of the amplitude damping channel. Single and multiple use strategies. Supervisor: J. Calsamiglia.

  • Roger Mas Bosch: Quantum sequential analysis for testing multiple hypotheses. Supervisors: R. Muñoz-Tapia and G. Sentís.

  • Pol Julià Farré: Neural network quantum state tomography. Supervisors: G. Sentís and R. Muñoz-Tapia.

  • Miquel Cerdà Ramon: Entrelazamiento cuántico y teoría de juegos. Supervisor: A. Winter.

  • Pau Colomer Saus: Analyzing attractor quantum neural networks with coherence theory. Supervisors: A. Sanpera and M. García Díaz.


  • Elisabet Roda: Sequential discrimination in continuously monitored quantum systems. Supervisors: J. Calsamiglia and M. Skotiniotis.

  • Pere Rosselló Truyols:  Certifying macroscopic superpositions.  Supervisor:  M. Skotiniotis.

  • Marta Carrizo: Quantum strategies for sequential analysis. Supervisor: J. Calsamiglia.

  • Ivan Pujol: Optimal detection of quantum anomalies. Supervisors: J. Calsamiglia.

  • José  Esté Jaloveckas: Model-free approach to coherent state discrimination. Supervisors: M. Rosati and J. Calsamiglia.

  • Albert Duran Cabacés: Periodically driven quantum systems: Floquet theory and applications. Supervisors: A. Riera-Campeny and A. Sanpera.

  • Santiago Llorens Fernández: Sequential procedures in quantum state discrimination. Supervisors: R. Muñoz-Tapia and G. Sentís.


  • Laia Colomer: Reinforcement learning decoders for toric codes. Supervisors: R. Muñoz-Tapia and M. Skotiniotis.

  • Adrià Labay: Quantum change-point detection in noisy channels. Supervisors: R. Muñoz-Tapia.

  • Gabriel Garau: Machine learning applied to an open quantum system exhibiting quantum synchronization. Supervisors: R. Muñoz-Tapia and G. L. Giorgi.

  • Cristian Jiménez: Quantum computation in IBM. Supervisors: R. Muñoz-Tapia.

  • Gerard Aguilar: Quantum Error Correction Techniques for Quantum Metrology. Supervisors: R. Muñoz-Tapia and M. Skotiniotis.

  • Oriol Teixidó: Optimal convex approximations of quantum states Supervisors: R. Muñoz-Tapia.

  • Raúl Morral: QUSUM- for fastest change point detection. Supervisors: M. Rosati and J. Calsamiglia.

  • Carlos Ruiz: Bilinear SDP for Quantum Change Point Detection. Supervisors: J. Calsamiglia and M. Skotiniotis.

  • Llorenç Escolà: Inclusion Chain of Physical Probabilistic Theories: Classical Hidden Variables, Quantum Mechanics and Beyond. Supervisors: A. Winter and J. Calsamiglia.


  • Andres Puy: Introduction to Tensor Networks . Supervisors: R. Muñoz-Tapia.

  • Ferran Riera: Optimal discrimination and anomaly detection . Supervisors: R. Muñoz-Tapia.

  • Ronja Hotz, Anomaly detection, Supervisors:R. Muñoz-Tapia, M. Skotioniotis.

  • Marta Gil Bardají: Quantum Anomaly detection . Supervisors: J. Calsamiglia.

  • Matt Hoogsteder: Quantum optimal transport metrics. Supervisors: A. Winter and J. Calsamiglia.

  • Pedro HackUnbounded Generators and Quantum Open Systems. Supervisor: A. Winter.


  • Sergio Hilario Martínez: Quantum change point detection: error margin discrimination and local unambiguous strategies. Supervisors: R. Muñoz-Tapia.

  • Marc Rodà: Optimal Stopping Problems . Supervisors: R. Muñoz-Tapia.

  • David Masip: Multiparameter quantum metrology . Supervisors: R. Muñoz-Tapia.

  • Tasio González: Quantum steering and measurement incompatibility with semidefinite programming. Supervisors: R. Muñoz-Tapia.

  • Jordi Soler Parpal: Understand the Tunnel Effect and its Influence on Biochemical Reactions. Supervisor: J. Calsamiglia.

  • Marc Borras: QUSUM- for fastest change point detection. Supervisor: J. Calsamiglia.

  • Dídac ViolanThe Holevo-Schumacher-Westmoreland Classical Capacity Theorem. Supervisor: A. Winter.

  • Ilaria Svampa (tesi di laurea, Università di Camerino): Verso una Formulazione p-Adica del Quantum Bit. Supervisors: S. Mancini and A. Winter.


  • Andreu Riera​: Quantum Information compression. Supervisor: J. Calsamiglia.

  • Malena Sabater: Two-sample problem for functional data emerging from quantum stochastic processes. Supervisor: J. Calsamiglia.

  • Marc Borras: QUSUM – for fastest change point detection. Supervisor: J. Calsamiglia.

  • Sergi Vilardell: Metrics on quantum states: Fidelity and Trace Distance. Supervisor: A. Winter.


  • Albert Soto: Biomolecular simulation of 5-lipoxygenase enzyme, Supervisors: R. Muñoz-Tapia and A. González.

  • Miqueleta Balanzó: Quantum change-point: a minimum error strategy . Supervisor: J. Calsamiglia.


  • Andrea Pocino Determinació del moment de canvi d’estat quàntic mitjançant mesures òptimes obtingudes a través de programació semidefinida. Supervisor: R. Muñoz-Tapia.

  • Josep Cabedo Bru: Quantum Correlations in Thermodynamics. Supervisor: J. Calsamiglia.


  • Alvaro Piedrafia: Classical Analogy of Grover’s search algortithm with 1-D collisions. Supervisor: R. Muñoz-Tapia.

  • Víctor Martínez Sánchez: Discrimination of symmetric states. Supervisor: R. Muñoz-Tapia.

  • Alejandro Agustí Martínez-Soria: About joint measurability of observables. Supervisors: R. Muñoz-Tapia and A. Winter.

  • Marina Lafarga, Closed timelike curves as a tool for perfect discrimination of quantum states. Supervisor: R. Muñoz-Tapia.

  • Yaiza Aragonés: Machine Learning for Quantum Metrology. Supervisors: J. Calsamiglia and G. Sentís.


  • Albert Franquet: Entanglement percolation with graph-states. Supervisor: J. Calsamiglia.

  • Roberto Di Candia (tesi di laurea specialistica in Physics at U. Pisa): Quantum tomography via compressed sensing. Supervisor: J. Calsamiglia.


  • Oriol Badia: Incompatible measurements and Bell inequalities. Supervisor: R. Muñoz-Tapia.


  • Arnau Pujol Ribera: Quantum discrimination. Supervisor: R. Muñoz-Tapia.

  • Martí Perarnau: Transport and localization in quantum complex networks. Supervisor: J. Calsamiglia.

  • Albert Vedreny: Noise-assisted quantum transport in photosynthetic systems. Supervisor: J. Calsamiglia.

  • Roger Caminal: Locality and separability in quantum hypothesis testing. Supervisor: J. Calsamiglia.