Work extraction efficiency for noisy quantum batteries

Seminar author:Salvatore Tirone

Event date and time:11/16/2023 04:00:pm

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The possibility of using quantum effects to speed up the charging processes of batteries has been vastly investigated. In order to translate these ideas into working devices it is however crucial to assess the stability of the storage phase in the quantum battery elements when they are in contact with environmental noise. In this work we formalize this problem introducing a series of operationally well defined figures of merit (the work capacitances and the Maximal Asymptotic Work/Energy Ratios) which gauge the highest efficiency one can attain in recovering useful energy from quantum battery models that are formed by large collections of identical and independent elements (quantum cells or q-cells). In this framework we prove an asymmetry between the beneficial effects one can obtain using non-local operations and non-local states to mitigate the detrimental effects of environmental noise in the work extraction from quantum battery models. Specifically, we show that using non-local recovery operations after the noise action can in general increase the amount of work one can recover from the battery even with separable (i.e. non entangled) input states.

Finally, we show that input quantum coherence can significantly improve the storage performance of noisy quantum batteries affected by self-discharging in contact with a thermal environment.