Energy Technologies and the Environment
Treatment, characterization and monitoring of contaminated water, soil and sediments.

Analysis of the content and mobility of toxic metals in industrial and mine wastewater.

Evaluation of the speciation of organic and inorganic pollutants using analytical and synchrotron techniques.

Application of geostatistical and chemometric techniques in speciation studies to obtain distribution maps of contaminant species.

Chemical Technologies
Analytical chemistry and chemical analysis.
Sample screening and analysis in atomic spectroscopy and chromatography.
Characterization and development of analytical instrumentation for ICP-MS, AF4, FP-XRF, HPLC-MS, GC-MS.

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Agri-food applications


Functional foods
Development and characterization of foods biofortified with selenium, with the specific function of improving health and reducing the risk of contracting diseases.

Development and characterization of biomass undertaken in the sorption of different biotechnologies.

Characterization of biocompatible systems for the separation and recovery of different inorganic compounds.

Study of different biomasses of plant and animal origin.


Health Sciences
Development and characterization of dental biomaterials (studies of de/remineralization, tooth whitening, abrasion, fluoride availability and incorporation into dental enamel).

Studies of controlled release of pharmaceuticals.

Characterization and analysis of kidney stones and prediction of urological lithiasis in humans and animals, studies of inhibitors and promoters of kidney stones.