Among the services that the GTS Center offers to its clients we find the ones described below:

Analysis services

  • Analysis of metals and other ions in watery materials.
  • Analytical characterization and advice in the treatment of contaminated soils and sediments.
  • Morphoconstitutional study of renal calculi.
  • Urine analysis and lithogenic risk prediction.
  • Determination of organic compounds in materials of vegetable origin.

Research projects

  • Characterization and treatment of contaminated water (with biomass and synthetic materials functionalized with nanoparticles).
  • Treatment and remediation of contaminated soils.
  • Development and characterization of dental materials.
  • Synthesis and characterization of controlled release systems.
  • Study and prediction of lithogenic risk.
  • Cultivation and characterization of plant functionalized foods.

Specialized training

  • Courses related to the methodologies developed at GTS.
  • Individual training in specific analytical techniques and processes.
  • Advice in Quality Management.


Assymetric Flow Field Flow Fractionation – AF4