In HPCA4SE we focus our interest researching and developing in the field of high performance computing systems. Our applications are oriented to science and engineering fields, and we focus on both basic and applied research.

Therefore our researchers work studying and using advanced computing platforms such as multy/many core processors or GPUs, distributed systems, supercomputers, etc.. The models and tools obtained improve ease of use and performance of these systems.

Among our activities is also included the use of high performance computing systems through the analysis, development and tuning, applied to various scientific fields such as bioinformatics, simulation of natural phenomena or industrial components, etc.



  • New CAROL project

    Project name: CAROL Official ID: PID2020-113614RB-C21 Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación Main researchers: Antonio Espinosa Anna Sikora Number of research participants: 15 Research support technician: Sergio Villar  

  • HPCA4SE researches presented two articles at the Euro-Par PBio 2016 Workshop

    HPCA4SE researches presented two articles at the Euro-Par PBio 2016  Workshop

    Josefina Lenis and Javier Navarro presented within the Euro-Par PBio 2016 Workshop in Grenoble the following articles: Optimized Execution Strategies for Sequence Aligners on NUMA Architectures, Josefina Lenis and Miquel Angel Senar Improving Bioinformatics Analysis of Large Sequence Datasets Parallelizing Tools for Population Genomics, Javier Navarro, Gonzalo Vera, Sebastián Ramos-Onsins and Porfidio Hernández

  • Gemma Sanjuan reads his thesis

    Gemma Sanjuan reads his thesis

    Gemma Sanjuan, a PhD student in the Computer Architecture and Operating Systems Department, presented his thesis “Paralelización del cálculo del campo de vientos para la predicción de la propagación de incendios forestales” on June 30th and passed with an Excellent Cum Laude.