On December 12 and 13, 2017, a two day Conference on Communication, Contemporary Art and Cyberculture will be held at the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the UAB, which will include two conferences open to the public on the link between communication and contemporary artistic practices among other internal activities for the research groups and the Master and PhD students of the Department of Journalism and Communication Studies. 

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The first conference will be in charge of Professor Jorge Urueña, professor in the Social Communication and Humanities degree programs and of the Masters in Cultural Management and in Education of the University of Antioquia (Medellín- Colombia), which will address the construction of the image of Narcoviolence in Colombia through the relationship between contemporary artistic practices and hegemonic discourses in national media. Thus, we can understand how the popular series “Narcos” by Netflix, not only has an entertainment goal and can be related to the spectrum of visual arts to talk about Colombian narcoviolence. The second conference will be conducted via Skype with Dr. Diego Arango, director of the Doctoral Program in Arts of the University of Antioquia (Medellín-Colómbia) and counselor in the Municipal Council of Culture of the Mayor’s Office of Medellín, which will address the relations between the Communication, contemporary artistic manifestations and technological transformations, generating a debate about the new concepts of art, its significance and the complex reality of our contemporary artistic culture.

The Laboratory of Prospective and Research in Communication, Culture and Cooperation (Laprec), research group of the Department of Journalism and Communication Studies, organizes this Conference with the collaboration of the observatory of the group, the Mediterranean Observatory of Communication (OMEC).

Click here to see the Conference programme.