Research Program in Television, Cultural Industries and Cultural Diversity

The program is oriented to the study of the cultural industries and their relation with the television productions. The analysis of television programming, its contents and the different generic forms of expression and the aspects related to the audiovisual sector, its transformations, legislation and regulation.

Research Program in Cultural Studies and Communication

The program is oriented to the study of the production, consumption and reception of cultural and communicative discourse. The focus of the program is on the transformations that take place in the cultural and communicative discourse in the knowledge society and the contexts of production, consumption and reception of this discourse. Likewise, the importance of the discourse of communication in relation to socio-cultural mediation, aspects of social exclusion and its links with development cooperation, with special emphasis on the Mediterranean region.

Research program on Communication and Cooperation for Development by region (Mediterranean, Europe and Latin America)

The program is aimed at promoting the disciplinary contributions of communication to the diagnostics, policies and strategies of development cooperation. Incorporation of communication in strategic planning and by objectives of development programs (ZOPP and MML methodologies). Study and prospective of the new challenges derived from the Information Society by the cooperation system and international organizations.