The media in Libya are in full emergence

Young journalists volunteers work daily, from the month of February, in press, radio and television. These young professionals, in the majority of cases with only a few months of experience, are implementing important principles of freedom of expression, pluralism and diversity.

 Interactive and multilingual radio stations enable you to freely express their views. Newspapers are offering valuable information and useful on the challenges of democracy that is being born in Libya. Civil society activists used a variety of tools to allow the emergence of public opinion.

 Below is a selection of interesting tweets that are emitted from libio:br

#Tripoli(17): Feel privileged to have been here, witnessing briefly the birth of new #libya. Enriched by determination to peace, to 1 Libya

#Tripoli(16): In old town. Crowded, joyful, majority of women alone, with others, leisure walk, gold on display. Green red black everywhere

#Tripoli(15): National-based #TV change hand yesterday in show of force. State, political or private re-control? Cannot guess yet. #libya

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