The latest report of the transparency international entity is little rosy for the Mediterranean countries, which are designated by failing to end corruption.

Transparency international has published the results of the index 2011 from corruption, a phenomenon still in all the Mediterranean countries.

The countries of the two shores of the Mediterranean are facing similar result. The first country in the Mediterranean area is France, and is located in position 25, followed by Spain in 31st position, and Portugal in 32nd. At the tail of the platoon, Lebanon remains in the General position, and Libya closed the group in the 168 square. To better identify the situation, it should be noted that the last country of the classification is Somalia, which occupies the number 182.

Corruption index ranks countries according to the degree of corruption in the sector public on a scale of 0-10. 0 means a very high corruption and 10 means that the country has completely eliminated corruption, according to the Agency.

Transparency International says that “the damage caused by corruption, impunity and economic instability have caused a negative impact on global chain in 2011. “The protests of many countries have spread rapidly (…) their origins may be different, but their message is the same: more transparency and accountability for the ruling classes”.

 No region of the world is safe “damage from corruption, the vast majority of the 193 countries and territories assessed have a score less than five”, according to the organization.


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