Miguel Gámez


Degree in Social Communication, mention: communication for humanistic development by the University of Los Andes (ULA); Graduated in University Management in Venezuela (UCLV); Master’s Degree in Business and Institutional Communication (UAB); Master in Communication and Journalism Research (UAB). At the moment he is doing his doctoral thesis at the UAB on solidarity development from the community of Moroccan immigrants in Catalonia to which he applies the Method of Social Interaction in Communication (MisCom). Member of LAPREC (UAB) within the framework of Project CSO2012-35955. His professional start was as a journalist news editor, to later take the academic career as an instructor teacher of the Bolivarian University of Venezuela, where he also held administrative functions as coordinator of the Journalism Hub in the Department of Social Communication, as well as coordinator of Communication and Projection University for the institution. Human Rights activist and founder of Colectivo Diversidad UBV Bolívar. Technical researcher of Laboraroti of Prospective and Research in Communication, Culture and Cooperation (LAPREC)

Academic status and research lines

– Student of the Doctorate in Communication and Journalism at the UAB

– Technical Researcher of the Laboratory of Prospective and Research in Communication, Culture and Cooperation (LAPREC) of the UAB

– Methodological Adviser of Final Works of Degree of the Bolivarian University of Venezuela

– Representative of the students of masters and doctorate before the Council of Department of Sciences of the Communication of the UAB

– Topics of interest: communication and political marketing, education, border and immigration, organizational communication, research and socio-community interaction, popular empowerment and solidarity, literature, among others

Recent Posts

– “State television, commercial and community in Venezuela: the struggle for power and media consumption”. Arbitrated Magazine: Orinoco, Thought and Praxis, Year 3 No. 6, 2015


– Lecturer at the Ibero-American Congress of Communication of the Spanish Association of Communication Research (AE-IC), Madrid 2016, with the work “Method of Social Interaction, Cooperation and Solidary Development in Communication (MisCoDeSCom) Development and solidarity for the Maghreb migrant communities in Catalonia “

– Speaker representing Venezuela in the 1st and 2nd “Forum for Intercultural Dialogue”, at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, ​​2014-2105

– Lecturer at the IV International Conference on Communication, Development and Human Rigths, social chanches and media flows “, of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA), Barcelona 2015, with the work” Press coverage and development issues and human rights in La Vanguardia and El Periódico de Catalunya “