Gabriel Lemkow


Professor in the Degree of Infantile Education in the Faculty of Social Sciences of Manresa of UVic-UCC. Doctor in Flosofia (University of East Anglia, UK). Teacher in the degree of Infant Education in UVic-UCC and teacher of the Master in Intermediterranean Mediation: economic integration and intercultural integration (Master MIM). Master’s degree from Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Università Ca’Foscari (Venice) and Université Paul Valery (Montpellier). He has specialized in Aesthetic Theory, Philosophy of Art and Philosophy of Education. He belongs to the Experimental and Learning Research Group (UVic-UCC) and is a collaborator of the International Research Group on Culture, History and State (GIRCHE – UB)

Academic status and research lines

– Professor at UVic-UCC

– Topics of Degree: Contemporary Theories and Practices in Education and Education of the Visual Arts I and II. It has several publications related to the theory of education, art and spatial management and practices

– Currently his research interests are focused on visual culture, social and cultural exclusion in art and learning through methods of practice

– Invited researcher in the Laboratory of Prospective and Research in Communication, Culture and Cooperation (LAPREC), Department of Journalism and Communication Sciences (UAB)

Recent Posts

– “Lab 0_6: science space, neuroeducation space”. Guix d’infantil. “Monogràfic on neuroeducation”, num. 86 (in due course). 2016

– Lemkow-Tovias, G., Brugarolas, I., Cantons Palmitjavila, J. Carballo Marquez, A. I Mampel, S. (2016). “Lab 0_6: a space of science for the first infancy”. Notebooks of Pedagogy. Monogràfic Spaces of Science “. (In advance)

– Brugarolas, I., Carballo-Márquez, A. I Lemkow-Tovias, G. (2015). “No ho fer”. Guix d’Infant, 83

– “On the political function of the master: unes reflexions from Voltaire, Dewey and Gramsci”. A: Garcia-Collado, F. & Capdevila, P. (2014). L’aventura d’Europa – Philosophy and Acció. Berlin: Ed Sol Double, 2014

– “The Philosophy of Art: the question of Definition by Tiziana Andina” (ressenya de llibre). Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (ISSN: 1538-1617). University of Notre Damme (USA), 2013 In: http: //ndpr.nd.edu/news/45087-the-philosophy-of-art-the-question-of-defi …


– Has published several book chapters on topics of Philosophy of art, Philosophy of Education and pedagogical practice

– Has published in scientific journals such as Guix and Cuadernos de Pedagogía

– Member of the evaluation committee of the teaching staff of the degree in Infant Education of the University Foundation of the Bages