Lindsey Collen

Lindsey Collen was born in 1948 in Mqanduli near Umtata, Transkei, South Africa. She settled in Mauritius in 1974 and has lived there ever since. In 1976 she founded the adult literacy association, Ledikasyon pu Travayer and is also one of the founding members of Lalit – meaning “struggle” in Kreol – a political party that has remained in the front line of political activism, especially those causes that directly affect working people. Collen is the leading English language writer in Mauritius and is the author of six novels in English and one in Kreol.

There is a Tide, Port Louis: Ledikasyon Pu Travayer, 1990.
The Rape of Sita,  London: Bloomsbury, 1993.
Misyon Garson,  Port Louis: Ledikasyon Pu Travayer, 1996. (in Kreol)
Getting Rid of It,  London: Granta Books, 1997.
Mutiny,  London: Bloomsbury, 2002.
Boy, London: Bloomsbury, 2005.
The Malaria Man and Her Neighbours,  Port Louis: Ledikasyon Pu Travayer, 2010.