The researchers in the REICIT group (Research in Intercultural and Translation Studies) decided to come together because we realised that our individual research involved a common interdisciplinary methodology that went beyond the basic working tools of Translation Studies, and also because the objects of our studies were framed by cultural and intercultural studies. In our research we aim to analyse how culture is used and transformed.

We understand the people who make up different cultures (or are their manifestation) as being the same as the producers of social, political, historical and geographical values.

We aim to distinguish between the elements that make up popular culture and subcultures from the dominant culture. We share the view of Raimon Panikar that “intercultural studies does not mean studying other cultures but allowing other cultures to impregnate our own study of the problem which will experience change as a result.” We use a broad methodology which stems from works on ideology, identity and paratexts.

We hope that you will find out more about our work and share your own research and experiences with us.