Next we will retail our routine laboratory techniques. Additionally we can also offer other techniques that can be done by other laboratories of our centre.

• Routine and special staining: Haematoxylin/Eosin (H/E), Masson’s Trichrome (MS), Kluver-Barrera (KB), Periodic acid Schiff (PAS), Pearls, etc.



Argentic impregnation: grocott, methenamine, etc.


Immunohistochemistry: :

  • Cytokeratins
  • Laminin
  • Vimentin
  • Colllagens
  • Actins
  • GFAP
  • Neurofilaments
  • Olig2
  • CD3
  • CD20
  • CD31
  • Factor VIII
  • Ubiquitin
  • HSPs
  • Neospora
  • oxoplasma

Ask for others. We have more than 150 antibodies working in different species. We also set up other antibodies under petition.






  • Study of Toluidine Blue stained semithin sections



  • Study of ultrathin sections by scanning electron microscopy.