I International Conference on Video Game and Virtual Worlds Translation and Accessibility

Venue: Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Room 2

Day 1: Thursday 2nd December 2010

08.30-09.00     Registration

9.00-9.30         Opening Proceedings by Francesc Parcerisas, Dean of the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting; Jordi Carrabina, Director of CAIAC, and Pilar Orero, Principal Investigator of TransMedia Catalonia

9.30-10.30       Keynote Lecture

Dr. Dimitris Grammenos, the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH): Universally Accessible Games & Parallel Game Universes

10.30-11.00     Coffee Break

11.00- 13.00    PANEL 1: Accessible Game Design  – Chair: Enric Martí

 Javier Mairena, AccesAble Games: How to make universally accessible games

 Alejo Acevedo, AccessAble Games & The Game Kitchen: A classification of layers, systems and elements in a game design 

 José Manuel Bidegain, Qantm College, Amsterdam: Accessibility and usability in Video Games for the Colorblind 

 Álvaro José García Tejedor, CEIEC, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria: Implementing accessibility recommendations in a videogame. Iredia: a practical case

13.00-14.00     Lunch

14.00- 16.00    PANEL 2: Accessible Game Design & Accesibility to Virtual Worlds – Chair: Pilar Orero

 Richard van Tol, Utrecht School of the Arts, Faculty of Art, Media & Technology: The Sound Of Walls – Designing Games for the Blind

 Carme Mangiron, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) & Dublin City University: Improving accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing players: a pilot study

 Kel Smith, Anikto LLC: Designing Virtual Experiences 

 Mónica Souto, CESyA;  Belén Ruíz-Mezcua, CESyA & Universidad Carlos III de Madrid; Estrella Pulido, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid; David Camacho, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid: Designing accessible communities in Virtual worlds

16.00-16.30    Coffee Break

16.30-18.00 PANEL 3: Teaching Accessibility and Game Localization – Chair: Anna Matamala

 Carina González, Universidad de La Laguna & Jennifer Vela, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canarias:Teaching Accessibility in 3D Design and Video Games: Curricular Formats and Practical Exercises 

 Eugenia Arrés, Universidad de Granada/Universidad Pablo de Olavide & Oliver Carreira, Universidad de Córdoba and Freelance translator:Videogame localization training offer in the Spanish University Curricula. 

 Pablo Muñoz, UAB & freelance translator: Integrating Real Projects into Video Game Localisation Courses: An Innovative and Non-technical Way to Teach Video Game Localisation 

20.00     Dinner

             Restaurant Mama Café (Click here for directions)

             Dr Dou 10, Barcelona

Day 2: Friday 3rd December 2010

9.30-10.30       Keynote Lecture

Dr. Minako O’Hagan, Dublin City University: Engineering Emotion? – Translators’ New Role in Serving the Digital Entertainment Industry

 10.30-11.00     Coffee Break

11.00- 13.00    PANEL 1: Game localization: processes, quality, standards, pitfalls Chair: Maite Soto

Víctor Alonso Lion, Pink Noise: New Challenges in Interactive Media Localization Projects 

 Virginia Paradés, Freelance Localization & Internationalization Advisor, & Diana Díaz Montón, Wordlab TranslationsInternationalization in videogames: how to avoid main localization pits

 Simone Benincasa, Binari Sonori: The evolution of game localization practices

 Curri Barceló, Freelance translator: Quality Assurance, Localisation and Experience: The Perfect Combination for the Best Localisation

PARALLEL SESSION: 11.00-11.30, Room 11 (first floor) Demonstrations of Accessible games/Games dealing with accessibility issues

 11.00-11.30: Iredia: Atram’s Secret, a game designed to make hearing children aware of what deafness and hearing loss are.

 11.30-12.00: AccessAble Games: demos of accessible games.

 12.00-12.30: Casa Encantadademo of a game designed to be accessible for deaf and hard of hearing players 

13.00-14.00     Lunch

14.00- 15.30    PANEL 2: Game translation: process, strategies, cultural adaptation, transmedia story telling – Chair: Carme Mangiron

 Andrew Steele, Nintendo of Europe: Degrees of Adaptation

 Ximo Granell, Universitat Jaume I: The Translation of Serious Games 

 Annelies Van Oers, U-TRAX: Translation Strategies and Video Game Translation: A Case Study of Beyond Good and Evil

Miquel Pujol, Universitat de Vic:  Challenges outlining Middle-Earth and its characters: from the book to the game pad

 15.30-16.00     Coffee Break

16.00-17.30     PANEL 3: Fan Translation – Chair: Pilar Orero

Diana Díaz Montón, Wordlab Translations: Emotional localization: connecting with the player

Ana Ramírez, Freelance translator: Tales of the Abyss: fan translation of a videogame

Rafael Müller, UFBA – Federal University of Bahia: Brazilian fan translations and RPGs: A case study of Square Enix’s Chrono Trigger

17.30-18.00     Closing Remarks