Day 1: Thursday 9th June 2016

08.30-09.00     Registration

9.00-9.15             Opening Proceedings by Carme Mangiron, TransMedia Catalonia

9.15-10.15           Keynote Lecture

Mathias Nordvall, Linköping University: Transmodality, Perception and Culture in Play

10.15-11.45         PANEL 1: Game Studies, Gamification and Serious Games

  • Tomás Costal, UNED: Video games as the threshold between reality and the virtual world 
  • Mata Haggis, NHTV University: Writing with no agenda: serious topics in an entertainment game, a creator’s view 
  • Carlos la Orden Tovar, UNIR: Gamification: Making Business and Education Accessible and Engaging

11.45-12.15         Coffee break

12.15- 13.45    PANEL 2: Game Accessibility & Game Localisation: Theory and Research

  • Tomás Costal & Lourdes Lorenzo (UNED & Universidad de Vigo): Why is that creature grunting? The use of SDH subtitles in video games from an accessibility and didactic perspective.
  • Minako O’Hagan (Dublin City University): Game localisation as “user-centered translation”. 
  • Carme Mangiron (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona): Research on game localisation: Taking Stock

13.45-15.00    LUNCH

15.00-16.30 PANEL 3: Game Localisation: An industry perspective

  • Cristina Pérez, Keywords: From within Keywords Studios: How to survive as an in-house linguist in one of the largest video game localization companies
  • Belén Agulló, Kite Team: Lost in game localization: Importance of an agile model to face localisation challenges nowadays
  • Ana Ramírez, Game Translator: Challenges of out-of-game localisation

16.30-17.00 Coffee break

17.00-18.30: PANEL 4: Fan translation, and crowdsourcing 

  • Xiaochun Zhang, University of Vienna: Translating Fun for Fun: Fan Localisation of Digital Games in China
  • Nadia García, Freelance audiovisual translator: Localization of indie games and the phenomenon of fan translations
  • Rosana Carmona, Translator: Video game localisation via crowdsourcing. A crowdsourced localisation model based on Wasteland 2 case study.

20.00     Dinner

             Mamma Café

              C/Doctor Dou, 10

Day 2: Friday 10th June 2016

9.00-10.00           Keynote Lecture

Seb Ohsan Berthelsen, Square Enix Europe Operations Director: Why do we localise games?

10.00-11.30     PANEL 1: Dubbing in games, transcreation & intersemiotic translation

  • Miquel Pujol, Universitat de Vic: One license to rule them all. On the dubbing of transmedia video games.
  • Pablo Muñoz, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona & freelance translator: Humour, Creativity and Transcreation in Video Game Localization
  • Adri Brits, University of the Free State in South Africa: Constructing a foreign atmosphere in Far Cry 2 through intersemiotic translation.

11.30-12.00     Coffee Break

12.00- 13.30    PANEL 2: Retranslation, game localisation technology and mobile game localisation

  • Jesús Onieva, Goodgame Studios: Re-translation in Spanish: Case Study of Pokémon
  • Jordi Arnal, Kaneda Games: Kaneda Games localisation technology 
  • Dorota Pawlak, DP Translation Services: Is quality always better than quantity: localization of mobile casual games

13.30-15.00 LUNCH

15.00- 16.30        PANEL 3: Localising gender and foreign accents

  • Sandra Nogués, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona: Japanese formality and gendered language adaptation in videogames
  • Silvia Pettini, Università degli Studi Roma Tre: Aye aye, [{M}sir] or [{F}ma’am]? On the translation of gender in Mass Effect 3
  • Arturo Vázquez, Universitat de València: A case study of characterization through the use of foreign accents: Broque Monsieur in Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

16.30 – 17.00     Coffee Break

17.30-18.30         PANEL 4: Language and terminology in MMORPGs

  • Alexey Kozulyaey, RuFilms LLC: International multiuser videogame (MMORG) on-line chats as “hot zones” of global semantic creativity and language changes 
  • Samuel Strong, University College London: Gamer Agency – From Sandbox Gameplay to Gamer-Generated Language.
  • Marina Migueláñez, Translator: Terminology in MMORPGs: gamer language and localization 

18.30 – 19.00 Closing remarks