• Workshops for school students. Each class will participate in one-day workshop on the Monte Sole Massacre site, plus three to four follow-up meetings at school to deepen examples from the past and elaborate their influence for the present.
  • Workshops for adults. Workshops on the Monte Sole site offered during spring / summer weekends, including a “resistance walk” on Massacre Memorial Path and the production of content about the influence of past experiences in present days.

The participants will learn about the so-called “silenced resistance”.

MONTE experts will lead an introductory seminar for teachers, to help them elaborate a line of research for their students. A selection of the best research works produced within the classes will be published in the Online Exhibition.

Historical archives to be consulted:

  • Istituto Nazionale Ferruccio Parri. Rete degli Istituti per la storia della Resistenza e dell’età contemporanea (Ferruccio Parri National Institute. Network of Institutes for the History of the Resistance and Contemporary Age).
  • Istituto storico Parri (former Ferruccio Parri Regional Institute for the history of the liberation movement and the movement and contemporary age in Emilia-Romagna).
  • Fondazione Gramsci in Bologna.


  • Publishing the results. Starting from and using the findings of the workshops, a series of books will be produced. There will be public readings and presentations.
  • Preparing the exhibition. A crucial question for action will be asked to members and participants of cultural associations directly linked to the activities: “Discover a woman who, with her actions, opposed oppression”. The answers and the relating materials will be used for the creation of a physical exhibition.
  • Collecting a selection of the outcomes. Among the works prepared in the previous task, a selection will be chosen to be adapted and then published in the Online Permanent Exhibition.
  • Running the exhibition. Launch of the virtual exhibition and display of the physical one in different locations such as libraries, malls, public squares.