• Kick-off Meeting, Krakow, PL.
  • Call for applications. Recruitment of 10 students to a core group participating in Memory Route activities (in Poland and abroad), and 20 participants engaged in the local activities.
  • Preparatory works. Archival research, reconstruction of the cases-biographies of the Polish women in resistance.
  • Workshops. Four-day long workshop in September 2023, in Krakow to develop four narrative game scenarios.
  • Evaluation. Online evaluation of the workshop.

The WIRE project is addressed to historians, educators and students of human sciences and range the research, documentation workshop and educational activities. Project activities will take place locally (Poland, Krakow) and abroad (Memory Route in Spain, Greece, Italy).

The first phase of the project includes archival works and preparation of educational materials as well as scriptwriting workshops during which participants will develop four narrative game scenarios inspired by biographies of Polish women in resistance. Inspirational lectures, scriptwriting workshops, own work on the creation of a Quest, individual meetings with mentors will be also included.

In the second phase, participants will be engaged in the promotion of narrative games as an innovative educational tool and will share their experiences in the creation of narrative game scenarios with the WIRE’s network (participants from other countries and a wider audience in Poland). The outcomes of the scriptwriting workshops will be presented at a gaming event organized in Villa Decius in 2024 and open to the public later on.

Taking part in the Memory Route’s activities, the participants will learn about the creation and use of other types of innovative tools such as podcasts, educational paths, online exhibitions, and digital repository of biographies.

The participants will engage in a gaming event organized in Villa Decius and open to the public, to foster networking between young educators and representatives from the creative sector. 

The Game Arena will be the ideal place to present, test and evaluate the scenarios of the narrative games on female in resistance. A special Game Chamber will be organized at Villa Decius to give an open access to the public and promote the fruits of the workshops.


  • Memory Route in Poland. Write the Game 2nd workshop in Krakow.
  • Game Arena in Villa Decius. Gaming event organized in the Villa Decius, making the outputs of the project available to the public.
  • Memory Route. Project activities in Spain, Greece, and Italy.
  • Leading organisation: Villa Decius in collaboration with Jagiellonian University (Faculty of History).