Over four months, a group of 40 final-year university students will carry out four educational and research activities in the partner countries. At a Final Event held in Barcelona, students will engage in dialogue with memory agents and victims and present their own research findings to policy makers and stakeholders.

Italy. Memory Route in Monte Sole

The Memory Routers in Italy will delve deeper into the Monte Sole Massacre history, to identify issues and critical themes in relation to their general knowledge of WWII and its history in their countries.

Professor Luca Baldissara (Pisa University), one of the most relevant Italian historians in terms of Monte Sole research and WWII studies, will lead the identification of the most crucial European history issues related to dictatorships in terms of resistance to oppression and women involvement in these groups and actions.

Around April 25th (Italy Liberation Day), students will experience the memory path in Monte Sole Historical Park to learn how to “exploit” in an educational way the power of places and biographies.

Memory Route in Greece: Podcasts on female resistance

The students will search in the Repository to select and investigate 12 life stories of women who took part in the Resistance (3 from Greece, 3 from Spain, 3 from Italy and 3 from Poland).

They will then design 12 scenarios for podcasts of 10 minutes approximately each, according to the relevant guidelines given by ASKI. During their stay in Athens, they will record the audio files which will then be edited professionally.

Spain. Memory Route in Catalonia: Memory in the Walking

The students will engage in a journey through the spaces travelled and lived by different groups and typologies of female resistance in the context of the Spanish Civil War and the post-war period.

Memory Walk #2. Maqui: Maqui Route. A walk to the route of the maquis in the Vall d’en Bas. Walk #2 will show the collaboration and resistance networks of the female world within the context of the anti-Franco armed struggle. SO-CLOSE digital tool for mapping will be used as a central methodology, to generate small personally created information pills linking geography and memory. Previous training documents will be sent to final users two weeks before the Activity.

Memory Walk #3. Exile: Exile. Visit to the Exile Memorial Museum in La Jonquera. Walk #3 will show women and their role of resistance in concentration camps in France, as well as their role in the French resistance during World War II.

Memory Route in Poland: Write the Game

The students of the core group will share their experiences in the creation of narrative game scenarios with Memory Routers and will present the results of their work during the workshop at Villa Decius in 2023. The possibilities of using historical sites as an inspiration for a non-conventional educational tool will be discussed.

A 2 day-long workshop for Memory Routers from 4 countries will be organized to present the creation process of narrative game scenarios and the possible use of narrative games as an educational tool in the historical education. During the workshop, the participants will create 4 narrative game scenarios.

Scriptwriting workshops. 2 day-long international workshops to develop four narrative game scenarios.

Online Publication. Presentation of the four narrative games scenarios and the narrative games as educational tool.