Day 1: Wednesday 10th June 2009

09.30     AD Workshop by Bernd Benecke 1

11.00     Coffee break

11.30     AD workshop by Bernd Benecke 2

13.00     Lunch

14.30     Anglatecnic AD software

15.00     Eye tracking workshop with Iván del Muro – Tobii

Day 2: Thursday 11th June 2009

08.30     Registration

09.00     Welcome address (Francesc Parcerisas, Dean of the Faculty of Translation & Pilar Orero, UAB)

09.30     PANEL 1 Teaching AD in an Academic Context

             Agnieszka Chmiel (Chair)
             Ana Ballester “Lecturing AD online”
             Gert Vercauteren “Optimising the design of AD courses”
             Iwona Mazur “Teaching AD in Poland”

11.00     Coffee

11.30     PANEL 2 Translating AD and Audio subtiling: The future of AD?

             Aline Remael (Chair)
             Sabine Braun & Pilar Orero: “Audio description with audio subtitling – an emergent modality of audiovisual localisation”
             Gert Vercauteren & Aline Remael: “Translating audio descriptions: some translation crisis points and issues for further
             Mereijn van der Heijden: “How to combine subtitles with audiodescription in multilingual featura films?”

13.00     Lunch

14.00     PANEL 3 New AD Markets

             Federico Spoletti (Chair)
             Yota Georgakopoulou: “Developing Audio Description in Greece”. European Captioning Institute
             Agnieszka Szarkowska: “Audio Description in Poland”
             Mereijn van der Heijden: “AD in The Netherlands: about sound-quality and internet accessibility”

15:30     PANEL 4 AD in the arts: dance, theatre and literature

             Iwona Mazur (Chair)
            Joel Snyder: “Listening To Movement: Laban Movement Analysis and Audio Description”
            JP Udo: “Audio Description Meets Universal Design Theory”
            Jan-Louis Kruger: ” Narratology and AD: Focalisation in written and filmic narrative”

17:00     ROUND TABLE The future of AD in Broadcasting

             Joan Greening (Chair)
             Bernd Benecke, Bavarian Broadcasting Corp.
             Carme Guillamon Villalba, TVC
             Carla Lugli, Independent Audio Describer

20.00     Conference Dinner

             Mama Café
             Dr Dou 10

Day 3: Friday 12th June 2009

09.30     PANEL 4 What is relevant in AD? Picking out Relevant

             Information for Audio
             Frederic Chaume (Chair)
             John Sanderson
             Eva Espasa
             Anna Marzà

11.00     Coffee

11.30     PANEL 5 Latests Research Trends on AD

             Sabine Braun (Chair)
             Heidrun Gerzymisch-Arbogast: “AD as Multimodal Translation”
             Iwona Mazur, Agnieszka Chmiel, Elena di Giovanni, Anna Vilaró,
             Pawel Chmiel, Pilar Orero: “How audio description influences perception – an eye-tracking study”
             Bernd Benecke: “The use of Intended Hyper Descriptions in the Audio Description process”

13.00     Lunch

14.00     PANEL 6 New AD Research

             Elena di Giovanni (Chair)
             Juan José Martínez Sierra: “Making Humour Relevant in Audio Description”
             Cristobal Cabeza: “Film AD in Spanish and Catalan: norms, practice, reception and proposals for improvement”
             Maija Hirvonen: “Filmic audio description as inter-semiotic translation: contrasting strategies, languages and stories”
             Nazaret Fresno: “From Text to Screen: AD of Characters”

17.30     Closing words: Pilar Orero