SDI München

We are a University.

Our name is SDI München.

Our University is in Munich.

Munich is a city in Germany.


At our University, we teach students communication.

Communication means to speak and write in different languages.

Communication also means:

  • to know the countries
  • to understand what people like and think
  • to know what people do in these countries


At our University, students:

  •  learn to speak languages.

They can choose between Spanish, French,

Russian, Italian, German, and English

  • learn to write in these languages
  • learn many things about these countries
  • learn many things about what people like and do.

For example, they learn about the food,

the weather, the mountains and rivers,

and politics.


Who has written this information?

Rocío Bernabé has written this text.

She works at the SDI München.

You can write her an e-mail,

and ask her questions about the University.

Envelope Her e-mail address is:


You can also visit the webpage of the University.

The link is: