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Output 2. Recommendations for audio-visual information

Recommendations are a list of advice.

Recommendations help people to do things

in the same way and in the right way.

Recommendations are sometimes difficult to understand.

Some people might need the help of a support person

when they read them for the first time.


The people who make recommendations are called experts.

Experts are people who know a lot about a topic.

For example, the experts know how to make

information easy to understand.

We will talk to these experts 

about how to make audio-visual information easy to understand.


Then, we will create recommendations

to create audio-visual information

that it is easy to understand.


Audio-visual information is the information

you can watch and listen to at the same time.

For example, the information on TV,

or videos like YouTube videos.

Anyone can use the recommendations

to create audio-visual information.


If you want to know more about the recommendations

you can ask Rocío Bernabé.

Rocío Bernabé has written this information.

She is in charge of this Output.

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