Dyslexiförbundet is a Swedish disability association.

We are a non-profit organisation. 

We organise people who have difficulties

to read, write and calculate.

We work with:

  • guidance and support
  • information activities 
  • education
  • interest policy
  • social events
  • projects 


About Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a common reason for reading and writing difficulties.

Other reasons can also cause reading and writing difficulties.

For example:

people who have trouble understanding,

learning and remembering,

can also have trouble reading and writing.


In Sweden the number of people with dyslexia

is between 5 and 8 percent.

That means that among every 100 people,

5 to 8 people have dyslexia.


The number of people with reading and writing difficulties is higher.

In total, 1 person among every 5 people who live in Sweden

have difficulties to read.


Reading and writing difficulties

can lead to failure in school and at work.

It can also lead to exclusion and bad self-confidence.

What can we do to prevent problems?

  • find children at risk of reading and writing difficulties
  • act at once, don’t wait and see
  • train with proven methods
  • allow assistive technology 
  • use different modes to make content easy to understand (read aloud, illustrations and videos are some examples)
  • create an understanding environment



Dyslexiförbundet runs different projects.

Begriplig text is one of such projects.

The Swedish word Begriplig means understandable.

Begriplig text finds out what makes texts easy to read and understand.


Who has written this information?

Ester Hedberg has written this text.

Ester Hedberg works at Dyslexiförbundet.

You can write her an e-mail

if you have questions.


Her e-mail address is: ester.hedberg@dyslexi.org

The webpage of Dyslexiförbundet is: www.dyslexi.org

The webpage of the project Begriplig text is: www.begripligtext.se