Stiftung Universität Hildesheim

We are a University.

Our name is SUH.

SUH is the short form for Stiftung Universität Hildesheim.

That means: Foundation University of Hildesheim.

Our University is in Hildesheim.

Hildesheim is a city in the North of Germany.


SUH has a research centre for easy-to-read language.

A research centre is a team of people.

These people study a special matter.

The name of the research centre in SUH is:

Research Center on Easy-to-Read German.


This research center

  • studies Easy-to Read in Germany
  • produces materials to train translators into Easy-to-Read German
  • promotes inclusion and Easy-to-Read in Germany
  • and makes projects about Easy-to-Read

with many partners in Germany.


SUH is a partner of EASIT.

2 persons from SUH work in EASIT:

Christiane Maaß and Sergio Hernández Garrido.


Christiane Maaß is the director

of the Research Centre on Easy-to-Read German.

Sergio Hernandez Garrido is a member

of the team of the research centre.


Who has written this information?

Sergio Hernández has written this text.

Sergio Hernández works at SUH.

You can write him an e-mail

if you have questions about the University

or about the Research Centre on Easy-to-Read German.


Envelope His e-mail address is: