Angelina Sánchez Martí 

External collaborator

+34 93 581 17 64

Lecturer Professor (Serra Húnter program) of the Area of Research Methods and Diagnosis in Education of the Department of Applied Pedagogy of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She has a PhD in Education and Society from the University of Barcelona (UB), Master of Education for Citizenship and Values (2009), a Degree in Educational Psychology (2008), and a Diploma in Teaching of Foreign Languages (2006). Her research career began in the UB Department of Research Methods and Diagnosis in Education, being a beneficiary of a scholarship of the National Program for the Training of University Professors (FPU-2011) from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, and linked to the Research Group in Intercultural Education (GREDI). She defended her doctoral thesis (Trajectories of educational success of young people from immigrant families in post-compulsory secondary school. Educational centers and institutional agents) in 2016, from which she obtained two awards (the Extraordinary Doctorate Award and the PJOVE2016). Currently, she is an official member of Emigra, CER-Migrations (2017 SGR 1702) and an EFI researcher. Her research more closely related to EFI has focused on the evaluation of the transfer of learning, teacher training in the university context and the promotion of reflective and critical thinking in higher education.