Welcome to the Home Page of the SGR Research Group for the Representation of Conflict (G4RoC).

G4RoC is a dedicated research team that explores the multifaceted nature of conflict and its intersection with literature and culture in our contemporary age.

Drawing upon a diverse range of theoretical frameworks and methodologies, G4RoC investigates the complex relationship between memories, post-memories and aesthetic recreations of conflict to better understand not just how conflicts arise, how they are perpetuated, and how they can be resolved, but also the ways in which the memory of conflict is portrayed, interpreted, and consumed.

We aim to shed light on the complex dynamics of conflict, and to generate new insights that can inform more effective policies and practices in conflict resolution and peacebuilding. While our group focuses mostly on the anglophone world, we have now reached out to other traditions, such as German, and we welcome further interdisciplinary collaboration and engagement.

In the university curriculum, we teach courses on conflict at MA level and, from 2024 onwards, we will offer a course on the representation of war, which will become part of the degree syllabus.

We also supervise dissertations at undergraduate, MA and PhD level.

We have published quality research in journals and books, organised seminars and conferences, notably the successful 2021 international conference “Rewriting War and Peace in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries: Contemporary British and American Literature.” 

We have received funding for a Ministry Project (2018-2021) that has enabled us to strengthen our European dimension and undertake research at major libraries and archives and interact and collaborate with researchers throughout the world.