The European Music Portfolio: A Creative Way into Languages (EMP-L) project aims to support children’s learning in music and language through an integrated
approach. The materials are designed for generalist and specialist teachers.
Listening, perceiving, imitating, and creating are skills in both language and music, including music without words. The EMP-L project emphasises the
interrelationships between music and language.
The EMP-L print and e-learning materials were piloted with teachers and pupils in each partner country in 2010 and 2011. These EMP-L resources can be used
as classroom based resources or integrated into initial teacher training and continuing professional development courses.
The EMP-L was developed by an international team of language and music educators and researchers through the support of a Comenius Lifelong Learning grant awarded by the European Commission from 2009 to 2012.

Ludke, Karen M. i Weinmann, Hanna (ed.)
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2012-02-27 03:44
Comenius Lifelong Learning Project 502895 LLP-1-2009-1-DE-COMENIUS-CMP
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Weinmann, Hanna, Hänggi, Françoise, Cslovjecsek, Markus, Bechter, Brigitte, Dreyfus, Martine, Aliaga, Isabelle, Mertens, Jürgen, Lang, Robert, Keßler, Jörg-U., Suárez, MdM, Viladot, Laia, Carle, Peter, Casals, Albert, Velescu, Iliana, Cap-Bun, Marina, Overy, Katie, Ludke, Karen M., Marjanen, Kaarina, Charissi, Vicky, Kampylis, Panagiotis G., Argyriou, Maria, Barnes, Jonathan, Schulze. Vikki, Wheway, David, Driscoll, Patricia, Kramer, Adelheid, i Dinkelaker, Margarete
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