The basic training of music teachers does not usually contemplate inclusive resources intended to assist visually impaired students. Given the need for specific training, the purpose of this study was to collect together the perceptions of a group of 13 pre-primary, primary, and high school in-service music teachers, as regards a professional development course that addresses the inclusion of pupils with visual impairments. The teachers’ perceptions about the resources provided, the procedures used and the impact of what was learned during the course were obtained by means of open questionnaires and a semi-structured interview. The findings highlight the acquisition of inclusive resources as a starting point for the teachers’ sense of preparedness in the classroom and show the impact of active learning and direct contact with visually impaired students on the development of a positive attitude toward inclusion. Factors and lessons contributing to guiding the design of future professional development programs in the field of inclusive music education for visually impaired students were identified.

Pino, Ángela
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COinS Data

Date Published
2022-02-18 07:59
Inclusive education, Music education, teacher professional development, teachers’ perceptions, visual impairment
International Journal of Music Education
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