Members who are part of GRUMED share a common goal, which is to deepen knowledge of music and voice in the educational context, both in initial and ongoing teacher training and at the different levels in which this area might be taught (early childhood education, primary education, universities and conservatories). The research we have developed and continue to develop aims to be a reference in the field of music education and voice training as a communication tool for teachers.

In order to make this purpose a reality in the different educational contexts, we promote and work on projects that impact various areas and are characterized by: a) ensuring that studies depart from reality; b) taking into account the complexity of education; c) having repercussions on practice so that enable tangible improvements in our educational system.

The research group is organized around two main lines of research, each of which includes different fields coordinated by a PhD member and in which several researchers are involved. Each field holds one or more projects addressing some of the fundamental issues: on the one hand, those focused on teachers’ professional realities and, on the other hand, those which deal with the teaching and learning processes of music in any educational context. The two research lines and areas in which they are structured are detailed below:

    Teachers: reality and training
        The music teacher and his/her professional practice
        Teacher’s voice and effective communication skills

    Music: teaching and learning in different contexts
        Music and interdisciplinarity
        Music schools
        Contemporary, modern and world music