Outreach Activity:
Dissabtes de la Física 

On Saturday 2 March, the Optics Group opened their laboratories to high school students as part of the Dissabtes de la Física program. The students learned about the principles and applications of optics, such as polarization, diffraction, lasers and holograms. They also had the opportunity to interact with the researchers and ask them questions about their work.

Outreach Activity:
11F, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science 

On Tuesday 13 February, we received, at the Optics Group, the visit of students of the primary school of Bellaterra. Mónica Canabal and Irene Estévez gave some workshops on light, including visible and ultraviolet light, lasers and fluorescence and phosphorescence phenomena.   

Conference: SPIE Photonics West

 From 27 January to 1 February 2024, J. Campos, I. Estevez and M. Canabal assisted to the #SPIEBiOS conference at the Photonics West Conference in San Francisco. 

They were delighted to show some of their recent research. They presented some of their work related to the use of polarimetric techniques emphasizing its potential to improve the visualization and identification of tissue in brain samples and the optimization and calibration of a Mueller matrix imaging polarimeter. 

Kick-off meeting: The national FASLIGHT network

D. Viedma and V. Ahufinger presented the research lines of the Optics group in the kick-off meeting of the national FASLIGHT network, which took place on January 18 and 19, 2024 at the School of Physics of the University of Salamanca, bringing together more than 65 researchers from the 15 nodes that make up the network. 

Seminar: “Optical polarization: going from 2D to 3D”

Prof. Miguel A. Alonso, professor at École Central de Marseille and the Institut Fresnel, as well as professor of optics at the University of Rochester and senior scientist in the Laboratory for Laser Energetics. Room: C3b/002. Edifici C (Ciencias). Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

PhD Thesis Defense

Dr. Eulàlia Nicolau has successfully defended her PhD Thesis, titled: «Ultracold atoms in coupled ring potentials and flat-band lattices».

Congratulations Dr. Eulàlia Nicolau!!