The Optics Group is dedicated to sharing our research work with the public through various outreach presentations. We give several outreach talks every year on various topics related to optics and photonics. These talks explain the basic concepts and applications of optics in an accessible way.

Prof. María J. Yzuel – Ateneo de la EINA in Zaragoza, Spain (May 2023). Youtube

Prof. Juan Campos – Roberto Ortega Webminar, ICAT-UNAM, Mexico (April 2023). YouTube 

Prof. Verònica Ahufinger – Quantum CARLA, Spain (April 2023).

Dr. Ángel Lizana – Roberto Ortega Webminar, ICAT-UNAM, Mexico (July 2022). YouTube

Prof. María J. Yzuel – Roberto Ortega Webminar in ICAT-UNAM, Mexico (May 2022). Youtube 

Prof. Verònica Ahufinger – Dissabtes de la Física UAB, Spain (February 2022). Youtube, Dipòsit UAB

Dr. Alessio Celi – Workshop Talk, Albert Einstein Institute in Potsdam Golm, Germany (March 2019). Youtube 

Prof. María J. Yzuel – Ciclo Científicas brillantes in IFCA CSIC-UC, Spain (April 2019). Youtube  

Dr. Jordi Mompart – Institut d’Estudis Catalans, Spain (September 2013). Youtube 

Dr. Verònoca Ahufinger – Dissabtes de la Física | Departament de Física (UAB), Spain (March 2012).