Dimecres 24 de gener, 2024, 11h-13h, B7/1056 Sala d’Actes Frederic Udina

Spanish in perception and production – some implications for teaching Spanish as a foreign language

Karolina Broś
Neurolinguistics Lab / Multingualism Research Hub / Institute of Applied Linguistics
University of Warsaw

In this interactive talk, I will go through different methods of studying Spanish perception and production, including segmental processes such as /s/ aspiration, and stop voicing and approximantisation, as well as cues to Spanish stress production and perception. I will discuss dialectal differences and processing of Spanish in second language acquisition and by speakers of other languages whose phonologies differ from Spanish. Based on different methodologies, from sociophonetics to neurolinguistics, we can look at the implications of the results found by myself and other researchers for teaching Spanish as a foreign language.