Pilar Orero, 64 years old white female with short grey hair. She is smiling, has a round face and wears reading glasses on her head.

PhD (UMIST, UK) works at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain) in the TransMedia Catalonia Lab. She has written and edited many books, near 100 academic papers and almost the same number of book chapters –all on Media Accessibility.

Leader and participant on numerous EU funded research projects focusing on media accessibility. She works in standardisation and participates in the UN ITU IRG-AVA – Intersector Rapporteur Group Audiovisual Media Accessibility. She has been working on Immersive Accessibility for the past 4 years first in a project called ImAc, which results are now further developed in TRACTION, MEDIAVERSE, MILE, and has just started to work on green accessibility in GREENSCENT.

She led until December 2022 the EU network LEADME on Media Accessibility.

She is the Co-Chair of Study Group on Accessibility and Inclusion in the ITU Metaverse Focus Group.