TransMedia Catalonia has a consolidated research line in media accessibility. This research line approaches media accessibility from various perspectives (psychological, communicative, linguistic, etc.) and in multiple languages and cultural environments. Audio description, audio subtitling, and subtitling our main interests, although new emerging access services and new approaches to traditional audiovisual transfer modes are also under development. The challenges posed by new platforms and environments, the possibilities opened by new media, and the implementation of various technologies to enhance access to multilingual accessible content are at the center of our research activities, which encompass theoretical, descriptive, experimental and technological projects.

In the period 2022-2025, the focus will be on:

  1. immersive media,  
  2. audio aspects in accessibility, 
  3. easy-to-understand language in audiovisual content, 
  4. blockchain technologies in accessibility services, 
  5. accessibility aspects in relation to the European Green Deal: sustainability and ethics,  
  6. video games.

And this will be done using a wide range of experimental methodologies, from questionnaires, focus groups, interviews to eye-tracking tests and heart rate and electrodermal activity measures.

Additionally, TransMedia Catalonia aims to 

  1. Transfer research knowledge to society whilst raising awareness about accessibility, 
  2. Transfer research knowledge into educational settings.