TIM 17: 16 MAY 2024

Venue: Sala de Graus de la Facultat de Ciències de l’Educació (UAB)

Invited speakers: Fernanda Rocha and Jon Black: “Creatividad artificial ¿Cuál es el impact de la inteligencia artificial en al creatividad humana?” (11:00-12:30)

Presentations by:

  • Anna Matamala
  • Marta Brescia
  • Pilar Orero
  • Estel·la Oncins
  • Carme Mangiron
  • Sarah McDonagh

TIM 16: 16 NOVEMBER 2023

Venue: Sala Jordi Arbonès, FTI

Invited speaker: Mattia Thibault: “Looking forward – Imagining the futures of translation”. University of Tampere.

Presentations by Irene Hermosa Ramírez (“Accessibility and Design for All in Higher Education Curricula: State of the Art and Steps Forward”), Estel·la Oncins (“YoungArcHers project: Design and development of accessible audio guides”), and Marina Pujadas (“Speech speed and pause duration in oral Easy Language: experimental designs”).

TIM 15: 26 APRIL 2023

Invited speaker: Ann Marcus-Quinn“Accessible Digital Resources in the post-primary classroom”. University of Limerick. 

Presentations by Marcella Wiffler Stefanini  (“Audio description of the horror genre and filmic language: an experiment with the short films Enjaulado (1997) and Vinil Verde (2004)), Willian Henrique Cândido Moura (“Subtitling taboo words: An experimental reception study), and Miguel Ángel Oliva Zamora (“Accessibility in Video Games for People with Cognitive Disabilities”).

TIM 14: 18 November 2022

Invited speaker: Ottavia Carlino: “Real-time subtitling to facilitate doctor-patient communication: theoretical basis and possible applications”

Presentations by Marina Pujadas (“Easy audiovisual contents: how are they created?”), Estel·la Oncins (“Impact: It’s time to act: An online course to train digital accessibility mediators”), Marta Brescia Zapata (“VR 360º subtitles: Designing a test suite with eye-tracking technology”, and Anna Matamala (“ATHENA: bringing accessibility and design for all into higher education”).

TIM 13: 18 March 2022

Invited speaker: Alina Karakanta: “Automatic subtitling: towards a new paradigm”.

PhD presentations by Mariona González (“Research on easy language”), Chiara Gunella (“Integration processes endured by ex-sex-trafficked Nigerian women: a journal into experiences and strategies. The case of Spain”), and Sarah MacDonagh (“Audio-Describing the Maze & Long Kesh Prison: A Practice-Based Approach”).

TIM 12: 18 November 2021

Invited speaker: Laura Niedzviegienė: “Audio Description of Theatre and Cinema Production in Lithuania” .

Invited speaker: Jurgita Kerevičienė: “Access to the Audiovisual Media for the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing in Lithuania”

Presentations by Victor García on EPSN2021, by Pilar Orero on “MILE: Migrant Integration through Locally designed Experiences” and “LEAD-ME COST action”, and by Anna Matamala on “GREENSCENT”.

TIM 11: ​14th May 2021

Project Presentations by: Estel·la Oncins (New Erasmus + projects: IDEA),  Victor García MediaVerse at Faberllull), Marta Brescia (TRACTION), Estel·la Oncins (Final results of the LTA project), Pilar Orero & Estel·la Oncins: Organisation for GAAD 2021.

PhD presentations by Oriol López (Industrial PhD), María Jiménez, María Eugenia Larreina.

TIM 10: ​11th December 2020

Presentations by: Pilar Orero (LEAD-ME, a COST network), Pau Pamplona (Mediaverse), Helena Casas and Sara Rovira (Chinese cinema database).

PhD presentations by Yuchen Liu and by Ebru Kanik.

TIM 9: 11 November 2020

Invited speaker: Sheila Queralt – Forensic linguistics and accessibility, and Joan Bestard and Irene Tor-Carroggio – Processes and tools to evaluate web and document accessibility.

Project presentations: Estel·la Oncins, Pau Pamplona and Pilar Orero present TRACTION and SO-CLOSE. Estel·la Oncins presents IMPACT. Carme Mangiron presents RAD.

TIM 8: 10 April 2019

Invited speakers: Joan Miquel Vergés (Universidade de Vigo) – Ecosistemes accessibles: de les matemàtiques i les ciències de la computació a la biologia, i viceversa. El cas particular de l’audiodescripció and Aina Ibàñez (UAB) – Requeriments ètics per tests en accessibilitat als mitjans.

Project presentations: María Jiménez and Blanca Arias  REBUILD: ICT-enabled integration facilitator and life rebuilding guidance).

TIM 7: 15 November 2018

Invited speakers: Sandra Schwab (Ecole de langue et de civilisation française, University of Geneva) – The acquisition of prosodic features by L2 learners with sight loss and Florencia Fascioli (Universidad Católica del Uruguay Dámaso Antonio Larrañaga) – Editing and Audio Description: towards the inclusion of a director’s editing style within an audio description script.

Project presentations: Estel·la Oncins and Pau Pamplona (HELIOS: A Context-aware Distributed Social Networking Framework, LTA: Quality training in real time subtitling across EU and EU languages, REBUILD: ICT-enabled integration facilitator and life rebuilding guidance), Anna Matamala (EASIT: Easy Access for Social Inclusion Training).

TIM 6: 21 March 2018

Invited talk by Tomás Costal (UNED): How to design a language learning syllabus based on accessibility modalities?

Presentation by Sara Rovira-Esteva and Daniel Segura on The AccessBarcelona Project.

Predoctoral presentations: Belén Agulló and Anita Fidyka (Making immersive experiences accessible: the journal of ImAc project), Daniel Segura (Reception Study on the Users of a Crowdsourcing Platform for Catalan Sign Language Interpretation Videos) and Irene Tor (Reception Study of Artificial Voices in Audio Description in China).

Dissemination practices: presentation by Gian Maria Greco on How to use the new TMC Powerpoint Templates.

TIM 5: 14 November 2017

Invited talk by Gian Maria Greco on “The Project “Understanding Media Accessibility Quality”: Presentation and Analysis of a Successful Proposal for the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action “Individual Fellowship”.
Project presentations by Irene Tor Carrogio and Sara Rovira-Esteva on the SASTV project, and by Daniel Segura on the AccésBCN project.
Presentation about the group’s visibility and impact by Sara Rovira.

TIM 4:  5 May 2017
Invited talk by Josep Dávila-Montes (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley): “Sociolinguistic factors in localizing for the minorized and the global. Website translation into Spanish within Diglossic Settings”.

TIM 3: 24 October 2016
Invited talk by Anna Jankowska (Jagiellonian University in Krakow).
PhD presentations by Joan Bestard and Gonzalo Iturregui-Gallardo.

TIM 2: 17 March 2016
Invited talk by Jan Pedersen (University of Stockholm) on “Subtitling metaphors- an audiovisual hot potato”.
PhD presentations by Olivia Gerber and Andreu Oliver.
Project presentation by Miquel Edo.

TIM 1 : 13 July 2016
Invited presentation by Elizabeth Muirhead (BMAT).
PhD presentations by Iris C. Permuy, Agnieszka Walczak, and Katerina Tsaousi.