Infrastructure description (distributed in 2 laboratories):

1. Electrical characterization

  • Manual Probe station (Suss-PM5)  with RF-probes up to 40GHz. Dual GSGSG probes with up to 4 signal measurement. Optical microscope for high resolution on-chip measurements. Multi-probe cards.
  • Agilent Network Analyzer: E5100-A. 10 kHz to 180 MHz;
  • Agilent Network Analyzer: E5071B. 300 kHz to 8.5 GHz. 4 ports;
  • Agilent semiconductor device analyzer B1500A
  • Keysight Signal Analyzer N9030A, 3Hz-3.6GHz
  • Agilent Signal Generator: E8847A. 250 kHz to 1 GHz;
  • Agilent Pulse Function Arbitrary Generator: 81150A. 1 mHz to 240 MHz. Dual output;
  • Agilent high speed Oscilloscope
  • Programmable, low-noise and multi-values power supplies
  • Vacuum chamber for on-chip characterization
  • RF devices (couplers, power splitters, mixers, phase-shifters, amplifiers….)

2. Optical characterization set-up for MEMS resonators

  • Optical table with Interferometric HeNe laser vibrometer up to 1GHz. Vacuum/Air operation

3. Acoustic characterization set-up for ultrasound based on

  • Hydrophone from Onda Acoustics, 20MHz,

4. Bonding machine

  • Wedge and ball wire bonding machine (Al and Au wire) (Kulicke and Soffa)

5. General lab infrastructure

  • Optical tables;
  • Optical microscope
  • Chemical bench, with N2 availability
  • Drying oven. 80 litres, 250 ºC

6. Software

  • For MEMS design and analysis: COMSOL and COVENTOR
  • For Integrated circuit design (CADENCE)