Research Lines:

  1. MEMS and NEMS: new devices and new properties (arrays, coupling-modes….)
  2. Integration of MEMS/NEMS resonators with CMOS using standard sub-micro-technology CMOS process (CMOS-MEMS)
  3. Development of piezoelectrical micromachined ultrasound transducers (PMUTs)


  1. Sensors for high sensitivity mass detection (final objective, single detection molecules, attograms)
  2. Development of Sensor-System-on-Chip (SSoC) for enhanced sensing performance
  3. Resonators for RF applications (MEMS/NEMS for signal processing up to the GHz range, Fully integrated RF communications system: oscillator, filter, mixer based on CMOS-MEMS)
  4. Non-linear applications (switches, memory devices, modal coupling for enhance behavior, coupling in arrays, fundamental properties)
  5. Ultrasound imaging and fingerprint devices for portable devices