The members of the ECAS group have recognized expertise and know-how for the design and characterization of MEMS/NEMS devices, specially dealing with resonator based devices.

The ECAS group have two full equipped laboratories allowing:

a) Complete electrical characterization of MEMS and NEMS devices (including the characterization of the CMOS conditioning/system circuitry):

  • Electrical characterization for resonators (GHz range) (and RF-systems based on resonators: oscillators, filters and mixers)
  • High resolution static and dynamic electrical characterization for switches

b) Optical characterization of the movement of the resonators (up to GHz)

c) Ultrasound acoustics characterization (up to 25MHz)

All above measurements can be performed:

  • under ambient conditions
  • in vacuum
  • in liquid environment (in the case of ultrasound characterization)

d) Software tool for the design of VLSI CMOS circuits (CADENCE)

e) Software tools for the design of MEMS devices (COVENTOR and COMSOL-Multiphysics)

f) Matlab for signal processing


For a detailed version of the equipment see Infrastructure (in research Section)