In this section you will find more about our team members’ recent conference contributions:


Seminar on Sociolinguistics and Language Policy CUSC (Centre de Recerca en Sociolingüística i Comunicació) 2022-2023

16th December 2022

Team member: Adriana Patiño-Santos

Paper: Històries de famílies catalanes que socialitzen en anglès

Conference Bilingualism and bilingual education: Sociolinguistic approaches, Madrid, November 10-11th, 2022

Team members: Maria Rosa Garrido Sardà & Eva Codó

Paper: Language, curriculum and family mobility in a diversifying private eduscape

Team members: Frances Giampapa & Matt Kedzierski

Paper: Language, mobility and imagined identities: Transnational experiences
of Spanish youth in the UK and beyond

Team member: Eva Codó

Paper: For me it was to see the world, but for my parents it was to learn English”: Desires, strategies and teenage subjectivities in early educational mobility

Team members: Ana M. Relaño-Pastor & Helena Aikin

Paper: A family language policy perspective to transcultural experiences among
Spanish adolescents: Language ideologies and emotional investments

Team members: Esther Nieto Moreno de Diezmas & Alicia Fernández Barrera

Paper: Spanish mothers’ recreating English immersion environments at home:
Imaginaries, strategies, investments, and dilemmas

Congreso/Conference AESLA (Asociación Española de Lingüística Aplicada) 2022, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, April 27-29th, 2022.  

Team members: Helena Aikin & Ana M. Relaño-Pastor

Paper: (Socializing) Transcultural Experiences Abroad Among Spanish Families: A Family language Policy Perspective.


Challenging Borders Conference, Universität Bern, November 11-14th, 2021.

 Team member: Jessica McDaid

Paper: “It’s not that they are timid, they just don’t like the students”: Boundary building and overcoming borders in immersion abroad experiences”.

V International Symposium EDISO, online, September 27th-October 1st, 2021.

Thematic panel: Reorganizing English family language policies in times of crisis: disruptions and opportunities. 

Organised by Ana M. Relaño Pastor (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha) and Eva Codó (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona).

Individual contributions

Team member: Jessica McDaid

Paper: “Ireland as an EFL Landscape: Fashioning a “Rugby+English” immersion product and staying afloat precarious language tourism industries.

Team members: Eva Codó & Andrea Sunyol

Paper: “‘A boarding school felt safer, but we’ve given in to a homestay’: Family strategizing in Early Study Abroad.

Team members: Adriana Patiño-Santos & Marie-Anne MacKie

Paper: Language learning against all odds.

Team members: Helena Aikin, Alicia Fernández, Esther Nieto, Ana M. Relaño

Paper: From ideology to practice in family English learning policies: disruptions and vulnerabilities

V International Symposium EDISO, online, September 27th-October 1st 2021.

Team members: Ana Belén Alarcón Utrera & Esther Nieto Moreno de Diezmas

Paper: Families on the move for English learning: a case study in Central Spain

World Congress of Applied Linguistics (AILA), Groningen, online, August 15-20th 2021.

Thematic panel: Language Immersion Experiences as Linguistic Ideology. Organised by Beatriz Lorente (Universität Bern) and Larissa Schedel (Universität Bonn)

Team members: Eva Codó and Jessica McDaid

Paper: “‘They don’t go abroad to learn the language!’: A social class lens on language immersion experiences in contemporary Spain”.

ASYRAS VII Conference. “New Voices in English Studies”, Universidad de Cantabria, online, June 17-18th 2021.

Team member: Jessica McDaid

Paper:  ‘Doing’ Early Study Abroad: An Ethnographic Approach to Young EFL Mobility”.

23rd Sociolinguistics Symposium, Hong Kong online, June 7-11th 2021.

Thematic panel: The Reflexive Worker -Political Economies of Reflexivity. Organised by Jonas Hassemer (Universität Bonn).

Team member: Jessica McDaid

Paper: “‘Trying to stay ahead and stay relevant’: Selective use of reflexivity in
rebranding an Irish English-Immersion summer rugby camp”.


7th Edition of Nous Talents de Sociolingüística Catalana. Societat Catalana de Sociolingüística and the Institut d’Estudis Catalans, online, October 28th, 2020.

Team member: Jessica McDaid

Paper: “Trying to stay ahead and stay relevant”: Aspirations, Expectations and Practices in and around an English-Immersion summer camp in Ireland.


International Workshop: ‘El orden sociolingüístico familiar en un contexto neoliberal’. Centro cultural La Corrala-UAM, November 15, 2019. 

Team member: Ana M. Relaño Pastor

Paper: ¿Inversión por inmersión?: Aspiraciones, emociones y estrategias de inmersión en inglés en familias de colegios bilingües en Castilla-La Mancha.

IV International Symposium EDISO, “Vozes, silêncios e silenciamentos nos estudios do discurso”, Universidade De Santiago de Compostela (USC), June 5-7, 2019.

Thematic panel “Immersion Education: A Social Approach”, organized by Kevin Petit (Université Lumière-Lyon 2)

Team members: Eva Codó, Jessica McDaid, Andrea Sunyol

Paper: Immersion as branding: A preliminary analysis of immersion discourse in promotional materials in education. 


Team member: Ana M. Relaño Pastor

Paper: ‘Giving a face to the language’: the role of English “native” language assistants (ENLAs) in the socialization of immersion.