Title: Socializing for Success: A Critical Sociolinguistic Ethnography of Upper-Middle Class, Multilingual Families in Late Modernity (defended July 2022)
Candidate: Marie-Anne Mansfield (née Mackie)
Supervisor: Dr Adriana Patiño-Santos & Dr Marion Demossier (Univ of Southampton)

Title: Spanish Mobility for English Immersion: A Critical Multi-sited Ethnographic Lens on ESA in Northern Irish Boarding Schools (in process)
Candidate: Jessica McDaid
Supervisor: Dr Eva Codó

Title: Immersive Practices in Monolingual Spanish Families: Strategies, Sacrifices and Disruptions (in process)
Candidate: Ana Belén Alarcón Utrera
Supervisor: Dr Esther Nieto Moreno de Diezmas


Title: “Trying to stay ahead and stay relevant”: Aspirations, Expectations, and Practices in and around an English-Immersion Rugby Summer Camp in Ireland
Candidate: Jessica McDaid
Supervisor: Dr Eva Codó