The Organizational Development Team (EDO) is the culmination of a process of more than two decades in which working groups have been organized around existing training demands and research topics that appear as priorities. The EDO Team is constituted as a space for meeting, exchange and promotion of ideas and research in the field of organizations.

Organically, EDO is linked to the Center for Research and Studies for Organizational Development (CRiEDO), and consistent with its name, the central research topic deals with the nature and development of organizations dedicated to education and training, being topics of The following are of interest to its members: the nature and typology of training organizations, institutional management and organization systems, institutional dynamics, internal and external evaluation systems, management and transformation of organizations, the role of managers, digital technologies in education, entrepreneurship, evidence-informed educational practice, knowledge management, and professional development processes. All these topics refer to non-university, university and other educational centers of a formative nature such as occupational training centers, health organizations, leisure centers and other educational services.

Authorized as an ANE (Specific Name Authorization) group of the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 1999 and recognized as a consolidated research group (Resolution of the Department of Universities, Research and Information Society) on October 18, 2005, recognition that was renewed in the call of the year 2009 (SGR2009-397), 2014 (2014SGR-176), 2018 (2017SGR-00318). Since 2021, it has been recognized as a consolidated group (2021SGR-00795), under the coordination of Dr. Carmen Armengol Asparó.

Since 1981, when the teaching and research activity linked to the analysis and development of organizations began at the UAB, until 2020, EDO was coordinated by Dr. Joaquín Gairín Sallán.

“2011-2021 EDO’s Activities Report”