Dr. phil. habil. Claudio Fantinuoli (University of Mainz)
Innovator, Researcher and Founder in Speech Technologies

The Rise of AI: Reimagining Research Frontiers in Translation and Interpreting Studies

The rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and language technologies have significantly influenced the way professional translators and interpreters operate in their daily work. As AI-based tools increasingly become an integral part of their practice, the shift is now evident to translators and interpreters, who have integrated AI-based tools in their workflow and leveraged the technology to augment their way of operating. Furthermore, this transformation is also clear to people outside the profession, as they have started using AI-based tools for the automatic translation of written and spoken texts to overcome language barriers. This talk examines the paradigm shift, or “the technological turn,” and explores whether it should also impact translation and interpreting studies (TIS).

I argue that this transformation should indeed influence TIS, as it brings forth a host of new research topics that merit attention. These emerging areas of inquiry encompass ethical considerations, the role of human expertise in an AI-driven landscape, the role of machines in human-centric communication, and the development of hybrid models that combine human and machine intelligence. Concrete examples of possible research venues will be provided, illustrating the potential for advancing the field in multiple directions. This broadening of the TIS research landscape presents unparalleled opportunities for young scholars, inviting them to contribute to the advancement of the field and solidify its relevance in the era of AI.

In conclusion, this talk posits that the integration of AI and language technologies in translation and interpreting not only ushers in a new era for the profession but also revitalizes TIS as a discipline. By embracing the technological turn, TIS can increase its impact on the world and ensure that translation and interpreting professionals continue to thrive in the age of automation.