TransMedia Catalonia International Meetings (TIM) are internal events in which the group’s present and future research is discussed. They normally feature an invited talk by an external speaker, presentations by group members, and a final discussion. See previous TIM meetings.

Our next TIM meeting will take place on 16 November 2023.

TIM 16: 16 NOVEMBER 2023

Venue: Sala Jordi Arbonès, FTI

Invited speaker: Mattia Thibault“Looking forward – Imagining the futures of translation”. University of Tampere. (10:00-10:40)

Presentations by:

  • Irene Hermosa Ramírez. “Accessibility and Design for All in Higher Education Curricula: State of the Art and Steps Forward” (10:40-11:00)
  • Estel·la Oncins.”YoungArcHers project: Design and development of accessible audio guides”. (11:00-11:20)
  • Marina Pujadas:”Speech speed and pause duration in oral Easy Language: experimental designs”. (11:20-11:40).

TMC research update and final discussion led by Anna Matamala. (11:40-12:00)